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Sacral chakra at glance

Connect to the flow of life

Sense: Taste

Element: Water

Location: Two inches below belly button

Colour: Orange

Corresponds to the Gonads glands (some say Adrenals).

Affirmations: “I am flowing”, “I enjoy life”, “I deserve to enjoy life,

“I am creative force”, “I let go of stagnation and go with the flow”,

Beja mantra: VAM

Physical aspect of Sacral Chakra

Corresponds with:

- reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract,

appendix, skin

- lower vertebra, pelvis, hip area, water related like

salvia and mucus

When not balanced:

With water element, Sacral chakra seeks to create and when creative energy was not birthed could lead to problems in our reproductive organs, sexual problems, bladder, skin related allergies.

Emotional aspect of Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra governs our relationships. Functions of the sacral chakra is protection, pleasure, sexuality, creativity, desire, flow. Being creative and flowing like the water. The sacral chakra holds our most potent creative powers, our dreams, and fantasies.

When not balanced:

- negative overindulgence, jealousy, envy, fears of rape,

financial loss, for not being able to take care for yourself.

- not being able to enjoy sexual pleasure or not having

a sex drive.

When balanced:

- you are comfortable with intimacy and sharing with others

- have a healthy relationship with your sexuality

- enjoy life’s pleasures

- being creative

Ways to keep your Sacral chakra healthy


Colour therapy

Colour is important part of our lives and affects us on different levels. We take the vibration of the colour through our eyes, skin, the food we eat, through our energetic field.

The colour orange:







Affirmations to keep your Sacral chakra healthy

-I am flowing

-I enjoy life I deserve to enjoy life

-I am creative force

-I let go of stagnation and go with the flow

Meditation on the Sacral chakra

Other ways to keep your Sacral chakra healthy

-Taking bath


-Listening to the ocean sound or mountain stream

When in the shower focusing how the water is moving across the skin and flowing away. As Sacral chakra element is water being in water is one of the easiest ways to connect with this area.


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