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4 Distance Reiki Healing session for only £199

Reiki Healing
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Reiki Therapy

                       Reiki healing energy




Reiki is a universal life force energy or Japanese energy healing that was discovered by Dr. Usui in Japan in the early 20th century. It is pronounced ray-key. Reiki therapy is a form of hands-on healing, with its origins in the East.


The original name, disciplines, and techniques of Reiki were lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation by word of mouth. Exactly when Reiki therapy disappeared is difficult to determine. However, we do know that Reiki therapy was rediscovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk named Dr. Mikao Usui. It was in fact Dr. Usui who fashioned the name REIKI. He was the first Reiki practitioner and first Reiki Master. He developed the traditional Usui Reiki system and trained reiki practitioners, one of the most famous Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. Dr. Hayshi becomes the next Reiki Master.

Reiki healing in the modern world

Now days luckily for us they are many reiki practitioners and Reiki masters and Reiki training is available in all major cities. As well apart from the traditional Usui reiki system, they are many others. I have been interested in energy healing and spiritual healing for some time before I took my Reiki training.

My reiki training is by the traditional Usui Reiki system and I have been trained to a Master's level. I have been happily conducting Reiki treatment for a few years. Reiki truly changed my life and continues to do so as I practiced reiki not only on my clients but on myself every day. Reiki is part of complementary and alternative medicine.

Reiki Treatment
What Reiki healing can be used for?


Reiki healing in person and distance reiki healing can be used to help with general relaxation, stress reduction, induce a relaxation response, pain relief during recovery from injury or surgery, but also for emotional issues such as stress management, anxiety reduction, or depression treatment, helps manage symptoms.Distance Reiki healing energy can be used together with traditional medical care. In fact, traditional medical care institutions are hiring Reiki practitioners. Many people now days become Reiki practioners to heal themselvs and their families. Distance Reiki is holistic. Reiki is a universal life force energy which is all around us and within us. Distance Reiki healing energy works on the body mind and spirit by stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities. The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and disease are cleared. 

Divine Healing
Typical Reiki session​ in person
Reiki session usually lasts 1h and 15 min. For in-person Reiki sessions, normally you will lie down on a massage table. The Reiki practitioner connects with Reiki energy and the client and channels the reiki energy to the client. The Reiki practitioner channels the reiki energy through their hands. The Reiki practitioner hands hoover few inches above the clients, which means there is no physical contact. The Reiki session in person starts even before the Reiki practitioner and the client meet. Prior to the Reiki session in person, the client fills in on online health form. When the Reiki Practitioner and the client meet, there is a brief discussion, then is the actual Reiki healing, and post-healing discussion. In the post-healing discussion, the Reiki practitioner, explains to the client, what the practitioner felt and what the client can do apart from Reiki healing to strengthen the body and mind. The tools to do that, might include walks in nature, listening to natural sounds, gratitude journal, affirmations and others.


Typical Distant Reiki Healing session 

Reiki Distance Healing is just as powerful, even in a sense more powerful. The wonderful thing about Distance Healing I like people to actually take out of their day to lie quietly and experience the session. Distance Reiki healing is powerful as one in person. In fact, some people report that Distant Reiki felt even more powerful than the one in person.

And it doesn't matter where you are located, you can receive healing. The Distant Reiki healing session works in the same way as the one in person, the only difference, it done by video call. There is still discussion in the beginning, actual reiki healing and post-healing discussion. In the post-healing discussion, the reiki practioner disccus what might be usueful to do further strengthen the body and mind of the client.

What to expect after the Reiki session


The best is to wear comfortable clothing with no jewellery. To support healing, drink plenty of water and avoid strong caffeine-based drinks, such as coffee. You might feel deeply relaxed and resting at home afterward can help you get the full benefit of the distant reiki healing session, or reiki session in person.

Massage Table
Online Meditation



I have done three Reiki healing sessions with Nadia and she is amazing! After a few unfortunate events in the last year, i was feeling very imbalanced as if my body and my minds were not working together at all. I could not relax, focus and just in general felt quite anxious. Before coming to see Nadia i was quite worried whether Reiki was for me and whether it would help me. I felt much better immediately after the first session, and after the third session i really feel like i am more balanced, standing strongly on the ground and much more relaxed and happy. I am so so grateful i found Nadia!


I feel so much lighter this morning! Thanks so much!:)


I love the way you helped me and I am soo excited for the next session.

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Benefits of Reiki Healing


On your first reiki session, I (the reiki practitioner) will ask you about your general health and medical history. Then I will ask you why you would like to have Reiki. You don’t have to get undressed for treatment. You usually take your shoes and coat off and have it sitting or lying down. And to get rid of any energy blocks to encourage physical healing and strengthen your energy. Reiki therapy is part of the alternative medicine or complementary and integrative health is not a substitute. However, it can be used hand in hand.

​As a Reiki master, I am extremely passionate about the healing power of Reiki. Reiki healing is best described as hands-on healing used as a complementary therapy. My work aims to change and balance the energy fields in and around your physical body. I achieve this by placing my hands( reiki practitioners a few inches above your body for several minutes at a time. A person becomes Reiki Master or Reiki practitioner by attunement process.

Reiki can be used to help with general relaxation, stress reduction, induce a relaxation response, pain relief during recovery from injury or surgery, but also for emotional issues such as stress management, anxiety reduction, or depression treatment, helps manage symptoms. Reiki healing energy can be used together with traditional medical care. In fact, traditional medical care institutions are hiring Reiki practitioners.

Some people are experiencing amazing results after a single reiki session, however, others need 4 and more Reiki healings. It's always unique. Other people carry on with Reiki sessions regularly it turns into their little oasis of relaxation.


I am a qualified Reiki Master and I also teach reiki. Get in touch if you are interested in the attunement process or in general learning Reiki. Reiki can seriously improve the quality of life at any point of age. Reiki can be used alongside medical treatments as part of complementary therapies. However, should you have any health conditions you would like to discuss prior to the session get in touch.

Image by Karly Jones

Benefits of Distance Reiki Healing:

1. Distance Reiki healing promotes Harmony & Balance


2. Distance Reiki creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension


3. Distance Reiki assist the body in cleansing itself from toxins and supports the immune system


4. Distance Reiki dissolves energy blocks and promotes a natural balance between mind, body, and spirit.


5. Distance Reiki clears the mind and improves focus as you feel grounded & centered


6. Distance Reiki  accelerates the body’s self-healing ability as you start to return to your natural state


7. Distance Reiki helps relieve pain and supports the physical body healing


8. Distance Reiki healing compliments medical treatment & other therapies


9. Distance Reiki energy aids better sleep


10.Distance Reiki energy helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing


Gabi Moov Yoga

Nadia’s ability to sense and balance energy to the session is amazing. I was a little skeptical of the power of a reiki session. But after a session with Nadia I feel powerful, balanced and a lot more grounded . 🙏🏽 Thank you

Nora Draganova


Nadia was very attentive and caring. It was my first reiki session and she made sure to provide clear explanation and answer any of my questions.  I really enjoyed the session and felt fully relaxed afterwards. Nadia’s warm nature and ability to address any issues with ease and with attention, makes her stand out from the crowd and I would highly recommend her.

Miriam Oblong

Nadia is an amazing reiki practitioner. Me and my partner booked 4 sessions with Nadia and it was a life changing experience. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and full of positive energy. We felt very calm and at ease after each session. Would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about trying reiki.

Natalia F.'s 

 Nadia was so lovely and calm! We have an amazing 1-2-1 session which left me feeling super refreshed and revitalized! Highly recommend x

I had a few reiki sessions with Nadia. She offers great advice and guidance. She is calming and understanding. She combines her knowledge of yoga practices, essential oils, mindfulness and healing. I definitely recommend reiki especially with Nadia.

Domini Stone

I have had the pleasure of having a couple of reiki healing sessions with Nadia and each time I have felt a sense of deep relaxation and peace. I even fell asleep in the last one! I have always felt in safe and caring hands with Nadia, she is patient, kind and supportive.  I would strongly recommend it and having a series of sessions really helps you to see and feel your progress.

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