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Personal Wellbeing

As a qualified Life coach, Reiki Master, and Meditation and Yoga teacher, Nadia looks at the individual as a whole. She embodies her experience and knowledge on multiple levels working with the physical, mental, and emotional side of human beings. Her diverse training gives her a unique approach to your wellbeing.


 Nadia is an international wellness expert based in London offering yoga and meditation. She has been organizing international Yoga retreats in Andalucia, Spain, Amorgos, Greece, and Thailand.

Nadia is a nurturing, kind, and insightful teacher. She has a very supportive and patient teaching style. She guides her students in building awareness in proper form and breathing in the yoga poses. Nadia aims to live a yogic lifestyle to the extent she can, which makes her classes a real and authentic experience.


Natalia F.'s 

 Nadia was so lovely and calm! We have an amazing 1-2-1 session which left me feeling super refreshed and revitalized! Highly recommend x

I had a few reiki sessions with Nadia. She offers great advice and guidance. She is calming and understanding. She combines her knowledge of yoga practices, essential oils, mindfulness and healing. I definitely recommend reiki especially with Nadia.

Domini Stone

I have had the pleasure of having a couple of reiki healing sessions with Nadia and each time I have felt a sense of deep relaxation and peace. I even fell asleep in the last one! I have always felt in safe and caring hands with Nadia, she is patient, kind and supportive.  I would strongly recommend it and having a series of sessions really helps you to see and feel your progress.

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