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Online yoga classes at the comfort of your home or office

Online Yoga
Online yoga classes

Welcome to Flexiwellness online yoga studio. Become one with your breath and release toxins with a vinyasa flow, or learn the basics in our accessible beginner classes or totally indulge in juicy Yin yoga. Whatever your level of experience and inspirations—from prenatal/postnatal strength to yoga junkie, I'll help you create an online yoga practice that's uniquely your own. Online yoga classes for every level, with enough variety to ensure you stay inspired. Vinyasa Flow This strong and steady flow will open and awaken your whole body, leaving you feeling balanced, energized, and ready to greet the day.

All classes are between 1 to 1.15 hours, and we have different styles of yoga. Our live classes include Flow yoga based on Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for beginners. All the yoga classes will be life streamed and if you miss some you can watch the recording.

Meditation is incorporated in the classes, sometimes as separate practice at the beginning or end of the yoga classes and sometimes within the practice itself. 

Online Yoga Class

Online yoga classes help you to practice without the need to travel to a yoga studio and back and carry mats around. The online live classes can be done anywhere if you have a device where you can watch the class and have a normal internet connection. In this way, you work on your health and strengthen your body in the most convenient way. Flexiwellness online yoga studio is here to support you on your yoga journey.

With flexiwellness online classes, you can expect guest instructors and other wellness partners to keep inspiring your yoga journey.

Enjoy yoga your way, on your schedule. Stream or download our online yoga classes offered by highly qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, flexiwellness online yoga studio have a yoga class online for you. Easily find the exact class you want today.

Flow Online Yoga classes
Practicing Yoga

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga in which the movement is coordinated with the breath. One movement is flowing into the next with a nice and calm rhythm like a “meditation in motion”. A logical sequence of asanas produces effects on the body, mind and soul such as detox and purifying, increase in energy, focus, calm, self-acceptance, strength and much more.

Online Fitness

Vinyasa flow yoga is more physically challenging. We constantly move from one pose to the next and in between poses we link with vinyasa. We usually stay 5- 10 breaths in one pose. However, unlike other Vinyasa flow yoga classes, flexiwellness Vinyasa Flow is delivered in a way you have space and time to move and still experience the poses

The style comes from Astanga yoga, which is a set sequence. Unlike Astanga yoga, in vinyasa flow yoga you can expect variety. 

The classes will be live-streamed via zoom and you have the option to join live or watch the recording. 

Yin online yoga classes
Yin Yoga article 3.jpg

When these terms are applied to yoga, Yin Yoga is a slower practice where poses are passively held for longer, working on the deep, dense (Yin) connective tissues in the body which are difficult to energize and open. Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to step out of your stressful life and slow down. The long, passive poses give you time to listen to your body, releasing tension and calming your mind. The deep stretch also penetrates the connective tissue in areas so many of us have trouble reaching.

Most of days, I can place my yoga practice in the range of mindful slow Vinyasa flow. Topping that with my teaching, it's quite a lot of movement as I truly and utterly adore practicing and teaching yoga. And over the last couple of years, I grew to appreciate the importance of an antidote to all that Yang Energy. I found the oasis of Yin Yoga, a small paradise I try to visit once a week.


With this easy-to-follow and practice Yin Yoga sequence you can use it anytime you feel you need a power boost, deeply relaxing, and restoring. 

yin yoga article 11.jpg
Private Yoga Online
Yoga Pose

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on building strength and endurance. It increases your flexibility and improves your breathing. Moreover, helps to boost both your physical and mental wellbeing. In the beginning, Nadia will access your experience and health conditions, as well as your goals for your yoga practice. With the above in mind, Nadia will build tailored yoga practice to suit you best. At the end of each month, another yoga assessment is carried out to ensure your continued support and progress. Few of the main benefits of private yoga compared to group classes are tailored to any specific injuries, available to your schedule, deepening your practice and understanding and much more.


Flexiwellness support busy people with demanding lives to create routines that are sustainable to support long-term health and wellbeing.

yin yoga article 8.jpg
Online yoga courses
Online Learning

Journey through the Chakras- Chakra Yoga for wellbeing. Cooming soon!

Do you feel there is more to life than our immediate reality and our physical bodies? Have you ever wondered what the chakras are? Maybe you heard some of your friends talking about it or read an article. Either complete beginner or experienced yogi in this course will learn all about the chakras system and manage the chakras through yoga, meditation, mantra, and affirmations. You will learn the chakras components, what they are, to which body parts they correspond, signs to show when they are balanced and when they are not balanced.


You will learn which yoga poses are good for a specific energy centre and unique yoga sequences to bring balance to this chakra. You will learn different mediations and supporting methods using crystals, colour therapy, and diet to enhance health and growth. We will look at each chakra in detail, theory, and practice before we move to the next chakra.


My goal for you from this course is to bring awareness to the chakras and to that energetic aspect of the self, to help you understand them, and through this to help you understand yourself better and bring even more alignment, health, and wellbeing to your life. Furthermore, my goal is to learn to identify when they are working in balance and when they need attention and teach you practical techniques you can apply. Why chooses this course? To learn about the chakra system and how you can keep them in balance through yoga sequences, meditations, mantras, crystal, diet, colour therapy.

chakras 1.png

The second course is "Five minutes of wellness for busy professionals who sit four or more hours a day online course".

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Do you feel tension on your shoulders and neck? Or you might feel uninspired or tired all the time. Do you feel stress and anxiety, or have negative thoughts? Is hard for you to stay motivated? These are just a few of the effects of sitting too much which cannot be magically undone only from regular exercise.

Welcome to Five minutes wellness for busy professionals who sit four and more hours a day online course or your Office Yogis Guide. In this course, you will learn easy-to-follow and adapt in your work and private lives practical tips to keep your body and mind healthy and stress-free. We will learn how can break sitting for long periods.

We will first look at the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and how they affect your overall health. We will identify the negative habits that developed through the years and if you have previous experience with slouched shoulders, you will learn how to improve your posture.

We will look at how we can gradually increase the energy levels with health guidelines so can have even energy expenditure. Also, will look at the benefits of changing negative habits into positive ones and how much physical activity we need to make a positive impact which will lead to reduced stress and improve your health.

Then we will learn easy tools totally accessible even to the busiest schedule. With this course, time will be no more an issue and you will have more energy and a health guide to look after your health.

Health benefits:

 *To identify negative habits from a modern or sedentary behaviour

* To learn about the risk factors of uninterrupted screen time and sitting too much

*Eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy

*How to stand and sit in a supportive way and undo the sedentary time( or sitting for long periods)

 *Free PDF eBook you can check on the go and a Wellness Plan

Physical activity:

-To improve your health through simple physical activity

-To help with lower back and hip pain and tight hamstring muscles

-Simple exercise program, which doesn't take more than 5 minutes of physical activity

Mental health:

-To be more focused and productive

-To increase creativity

-To improve mood

-To improve your mental health

-To build a self-care routine

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Krassimira Hendry, BBC WS Future Voices Senior Producer

​Nadia is a very experienced yoga teacher. She adapts her teaching to your abilities and level and always offers useful advice. Her classes are very good. One of the best in London!

Julie Daniels, Love East Magazine

​I would highly recommend Nadia. She is honestly the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is always attentive, is calm, and spiritual, and under her guidance I feel much healthier, fitter and flexible. I have no hesitation in recommending her expert teaching.

Sara Kärpänen March 31, 2016 Nadezhda's Yoga is Amazing. (Really!)

For a long time I was looking for the perfect yoga teacher in London---not only perfect yoga class, but also a teacher that fits me my needs. Nadia's classes are gentle, yet challenging.

Around a year ago I started going to Nadia's Vinyasa Flow classes, which are the perfect combination of mindfulness, strength and flow. Since then, I've been also participating her yoga workshops and yoga nidra sessions. She guides through the sequences, and corrects your poses if needed. As a student, I'm always feeling like she's getting the best out of me (without pushing.) I've had some knee issues, which she has also taken notice---and even given me lots of helpful poses to do at home.Nadia is a holistic yoga teacher, who is truly passionate about what she does. You can feel her energy!


Today’s session was sooooooo enjoyable. I absolutely love Friday classes. Thank you for bringing some calmness to my life.

Anna Wojnilko

Nadia is a fantastic yoga teacher – I attend a weekly class she teaches at a local studio, and as many of the weekend workshops she organises at YogaNest as I can. I always leave her classes feeling relaxed but energised. Of the 6 or 7 yoga teachers I’ve worked with over the years she is by far my favourite. Highly recommended!

RathaP Yoga as a way of life

I've known Nadia for nearly a year now, and one of her greatest strengths as a teacher is the way the teachings of yoga permeate every aspect of her work and world view. That this perspective influences her students is inevitable, and extremely rewarding.

JessicaG-2 Excellent yoga teacher

Nadia is an excellent yoga teacher. She teaches me in my home weekly and she's the best teacher I've had. She's incredibly knowledgable, passionate and personable and is a very energising yet calming person to be around. I've thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her so far and look forwards to learning from and practising with her lots more. I'd definitely recommend her. She's a real find.

Tanya Malden

I've had the pleasure of being taught by Nadia via corporate classes and online. Whichever platform, she adapts easily and gives advice and variations depending on your ability. She has such a lovely personality as well, with a gentle healing voice, so you feel totally at ease and a great sense of humour. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, she's fabulous.

Richard Cooke

As a beginner Nadia made me feel very welcome and as I’m growing in confidence I find Nadia’s lunchtime classes very enjoyable, beneficial and a good antidote to hectic London life. Highly recommended!

Becky Salsbury, Proximity

Nadia is an excellent teacher! She is a warm, friendly and calm person and makes everyone feel at ease - no matter what level you are. Her teaching style (we did Vinyasa) is fairly relaxed and she tried to make it fun, while explaining the moves - both the physical and spiritual aspects. Nadia's style is suitable for all levels and she will spend 1-on-1 time with pupils to help them improve the positions. I highly recommend Nadia as a teacher.

Alexandra Theis,Director in Prime Finance Sales at Barclays

Nadia is a very experienced and patient yoga instructor. She is detailed and a lot more thorough than others I have experienced. I would highly recommend her.

Luciana Lima July 13, 2016 Yoga vibes to a better life

Always look forward To your class. You give the right balance when teaching yoga. Right balance between exercises, relaxing technique and meditation. Thanks for looking after me and us all!


Ela John

Absolutely great, relaxing and ....perfect!


John Ellison

ANadia is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is passionate about yoga and you will feel it in every class. She is knowledgeable and creates a welcoming atmosphere in her classes, being considerate of all levels of ability and helping improve poses with a very positive attitude. I totally recommend her classes!


Domini Stone, Beautifully refreshing yoga with Nadia!

I always enjoy a yoga session with Nadia and end the session feeling refreshed and invigorated afterwards. It is my time in the week when I can let go and get in tune with my body and mind, thanks to Nadia's professional guidance. I thoroughly recommend Nadia as a teacher for all levels, whether beginner to more advanced.


Mitchell Bellach, Lunctime Yoga

Has been great with Nadia. Every week we've focussed on something new and different and been challenged to learn a little more. Would definitely recommend.


Charles Stanley

Nadia is one of the most approachable and attentive yoga instructors I know. She caters specifically for the individual needs of her students, balancing a friendly and relaxed environment with professionalism and a great deal of experience and knowledge. The journey she will take you on is positively-charged and deeply spiritual; enjoyable and invigorating.


Auguste Si

Nadia is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are very well made, it makes you feel good and refreshes after a hard day. I've never tried yoga before I came to the class and Nadia's class turned me into yoga enthusiast. I recommend it to everyone interested in a good quality yoga practice, really worth it!


Bojan Fligler

I have been attending Nadia’s classes twice a week for almost 6 months now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with her as a yoga instructor, and with the progress I have made as well. Her classes are held in a very relaxed and positive atmosphere, and with each class she brings something new and interesting. She is very focused on both the group and each individual as well, and will always help, correct and suggest how to improve your postures. She will go an extra mile and give you additional resources if you are keen on doing more yoga in your free time. If you are looking for a yoga with a flow, which can be equally challenging for beginners and advanced practitioners, look no further than Nadia’s yoga!


Magdalena Brzozowska

I used to go to Nadia's classes on a very regular basis - unfortunately the studio she was teaching at no longer exists. She's a lovely and calm teacher so to keep in touch I've attended one of her weekend workshops she arranges regularly at YogaNest - the combination of yoga types we've had over 3-4 hours was very well thought through and flowing easily (yang, yin and nidra). During break we've had multiple types of yogi teas to choose from and fantastic brownies homemade by Nadia. I would highly recommend attending one of Nadia's workshops.


Daljit Kaur

Nadia is a excellent teacher. Her routines are really easy to pick up and she gives you time to achieve the poses. I have been going to Nadia's classes for 6 months now and I can feel and see the benefit. I would highly recommend Nadia's classes.


Mary Foteinou

Nadia is a lovely yoga teacher, her classes are always engaging and relaxing. She is very supportive and creates a very positive and safe environment. I also had the luck to participate in one of her workshops (Autumn) which was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her.


Tara van den Berg

Nadia is a wonderful yoga teacher who is great for all levels. She definitely brings light and love into our lives!


Bianca Barbosa

Nadia is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are great, her sweet voice in the background makes you feel relax and she teaches very well. I love the breathing technique as well as meditation that Nadia teaches after the class, I always leave the class feeling very energised and relaxed. I have been in two workshops that Nadia organised and it was an absolutely fantastic experience, it has an amazing atmosphere and it switches you in an peaceful balance. I really appreciate how much I have learnt from Nadia classes, I highly recommend it for all :)


Katie Levestam

I am a very new student to practicing yoga and Nadia has been very welcoming and encouraging. Nadia has made my whole experience very easy- she is very knowledgeable and creates a lovely atmosphere for all her students.


Kashka B

I had a pleasure to attend Nadia's joga classes at the Brompton Hospital where she was kindly joining our Wellbeing at Work program for winter 2017. Her yoga is very professional, smooth and can satisfy people at every levels as Nadia often is proposing an easy and advance option of the figure. Nadia is always very helpful and forwarded me an email with some stretchey tips for a stiff back pain, as I am sitting a lot.
She always dimmed the light and music is not to loud so I can fully enjoy the relaxation. I can clearly recomend Nadia as a teacher because her knowledge and experience what she is willing to share can be very helpful and beneficial for every kind of people with various physical and mental problems.


Eabeauti awesomstt Delfina Suniday

2 years agoShe is amazing you Feel love trust and peace and full connet when you Meet her ❤ she my amazing work partner after we connet ❤ if you want yoga in deep level and in trust with you partner then make appomint with her as fast you can because you will revice the best you so you will get a amazing realtionship with you partner ❤


Emma Laudinat

Nadia's classes are great and very relaxing, I have been going to her classes for several months now. She is very thoughtful, and takes time for every student in her class, before, during and after the lesson. She is open to questions, and gives personal advice if needed (she helped me with my breathing and my posture). I would definitely recommend her!


Deborah B

I enjoyed Nadia's lessons from the very first one. I have been practising yoga for several years now and I found Nadia's lessons always refreshing and I learn something new every time. Every lesson has a structure and theme and I really like the fact that she incorporates pranayama. I can put into practice what I have learned in books and in India! Thank you Nadia. Namaste.


Slavka Gerganska

My yoga retreat in Amorgos was wonderful! I really enjoyed the yoga sessions with Nadq. She is amazing! She helps me if I have difficulty doing some of the poses.
Amorgos is a heavenly beautiful and peaceful place, I loved since I saw it. The hotel was perfect. My room was cosy and clean with incredible view. The food was delicious. The owner and staff were kind and smiling all the time.
I want to thank you Nadq for making me part of your magical yoga retreat. I felt relaxed and charged with positive energy.
Lots of love and looking forward for your next retreat


Ngoc “Allie” Le

She's a very great and lovely instructor. Very considerate about others and very passionate!


Oscar Gaunt

Great Yoga Nidra sessions and yoga for the office. fully recommended.


Lisa Atkinson

Nadia has a lovely calming approach and always listens and helps you achieve your personal goals


Lilac's Guide To

Wonderful and gifted instructor, with a big heart and attention to detail. Spiritual, rejuvenating, focusing experience. Thank you.


ElhamS Nadia is a professional teacher as she is aware of all the requirements which need for teaching yoga

I have had a very nice experience of practicing yoga with Nadia. According to my long experience on doing yoga, I would observe her teaching as a very strong and professional method. In particular, she focuses on the present moment during the practice and so meet the aim of Yoga precisely. I always recomend attending her class to my friends to have a better feeling. She is aware of the techniques of doing poses. This could be helpful to practice the poses in a proper way. She guides students to pause in the poses to benefit from the yoga movements.
I think the yoga teacher has a critical role to make the students aware from themselves.
This yoga class helps students to strengthen their sole and body. Spirtual practice would be possible through doing yoga and focusing present moments. She encourages the participants to keep their awareness on their inner stillness. This method is very useful to make them calm and satisfied.


 Clare Rutland

Nadia is a fantastic yoga teacher! Every Wednesday lunchtime Nadia will come into the company where I work and teach an hour long class. It has been so beneficial having these classes as it gives employees the chance to get away from their desks and practice yoga. Nadia is so accommodating to everyone and anyone, no matter how experienced they are. As word has spread within the company the yoga classes with Nadia have got busier and busier. We all thoroughly enjoy Nadia's teaching style and would highly recommended her to anyone!

Zahrah Zainnab

I had the opportunity to meet Nadia and take her yoga classes on one of her retreats in Greece. Nadia is a wonderful yoga instructor and person who genuinely cares about her students. She has a unique way of making sure to understand the needs of each student and tailoring classes so that no student feels not accommodated for, even in multi-level classes. I would highly recommend taking classes or going on a retreat with Nadia. She’s clearly a master of her craft!

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